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I am on a mac and I have no problems with my Sims 2 and I never have. I can open the cheat box with control shift C. I can do all the cheats including "motherlode" and "kaching" and "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true or false" and "max motives". They all work fine with my game and I have sims2, seasons, family fun stuff, and open for buisness. Holtza - Jan 30, at AM. Gabby - Feb 1, at PM. Thank You, SOO much!!! I thought I could never fix it. Thank you.

The Sims: Castaway Stories

Angel - Feb 2, at PM. Ash - Feb 9, at PM. Oh god you are like my hero! Seriously, your awesome! I went to Hp health check and tried to change it but it just kept saying "NONE" so I just left it alone and went back to my game. So just leave it to NONE. I have a Hp laptop with Vista. Thankyou sooooo much!! Myn didn't work until I locked in none. Im sorry, im not good at this at all. I cant seem to find anything :s. Softballgirl - Feb 28, at PM. I have a compaq pc windows vista and I have to hp health check and I dove everything on your list but nothing has ever happend?

Mashespotatoes - Mar 2, at PM. Bex - Mar 23, at PM. I don't know where the short cut tab is or the short cut window. I have a lap top and it is windows vista hp. The cheat bar has stopped popping up every time I hold down ctrl shift and c. The cheat that you put up to get the sims 2 window up I have a question.

The Sims Castaway Stories Cheats

How do you get to Hp health check and when I'm on it how do I get from there because when I go to the start menu I got to HP support and I search for it but I don't know what to click on and what to right click so can you send some directions cause my sims are poor and hungry I need cheats. Tink - Mar 30, at PM. OMG thank youuuu!!! So much!! At first I couldn't figure out how to do it but then I did and it worked.

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It worked thank you sooo much I had so many problems with this not working and it finnally works you are so awesome. Thank You. Sweden90 - Apr 7, at PM. Please Help!!!!

The Sims: Castaway Stories

Joi - Apr 17, at PM. You are awsome! I had been trying all day to fix the cheat menu bar. I tried lots of stuff and it would never work. I tried your trick and it worked. I am sssooo excited, thanks.

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This great tank, thanks so much, ive been tryna fix that issue for months,, I had stopped playing the game and just said I was gonna wait for sims 3 to come out before playing sims anymore. Thank you so much for writing about the shortcut being " NoNe " I've been looking thru these chats for hours and none of the suggestions worked.

Now I can play. Poortear - Jun 2, at PM. Aaron - Jun 4, at PM. Thank you so much! I thought I was going crazy I just tried that, and it didn't slightly work. Bill - Jul 9, at AM. Hello, My control key doesn't work or seomthing because when I did what you said the cheat box still didn't pop up. I also tried multiple variations of what you suggested and it still didn't work!

What do you think the problem is? Thanks, Billy.

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Lik it totally worked great idea ur very logical and smart. Do u play chess This has been about the most helpful thing I have come across in a long time. Thank you so much for this answer. Well, hello im lauren and I wanted to ask how do I right clikc? I wa propper mad before coz it would work.

KM - Mar 23, at AM. Happy - Mar 26, at AM. LW - Mar 28, at AM. LW - Mar 28, at PM. I Did It. Uzura - Apr 18, at AM. Thank you!

That helped us so much! I can't belive it was that simple.

Miki - Jun 5, at PM. Tremayne Posts: 3, Member. Works for me. Maybe you disabled the Control key when the keyboard was accidentally reconfigured?


Second Star to the Right and Straight on 'til Morning. Same command in TS2. Really weird it's not working. Same problem here! BluebellFlora Posts: 7, Member. Crinrict , the Windows genius on all things Sims, has just told me that when this problem happens to Windows users it is normally screen capture software that's the conflicting problem. Do any of you have this type of software installed on your Mac?

The Sims 2 Cheat Codes and Tips for PlayStation 2

If so, try uninstalling it, deleting Trash then restarting your Mac. Try clean booting your Mac: Disable auto login if applicable. Make sure your user account is selected then click the lock, bottom left of the screen, and enter your password. Click on Login Options then turn off Automatic Login. Restart your Mac. When you get to the login window enter your password and hold down shift whilst clicking on the Login button Once your Mac's ready to go start up the game do not open anything else beforehand! It is not a problem within the game itself. If it was all Mac users would be unable to use the cheat console.

Once again, Crin has stated that for Windows users it seems that screen capture software is the culprit. EmilyLouisexo Posts: 33 New Member. Using the command button wasn't working for me, the control button works just fine! Also I can't open my game without origin being open is that the same for everyone else? I open the sims 4 in my apps folder and it automatically opens origin.