How do i use find my phone on mac

If the device has been offline for over 24 hours, you see Offline. Select the device you want to locate. The name of the device appears in the center of the toolbar.

How to use Find My iPhone — Apple Support

Note: If your AirPods are separated from each other, you see only one location at a time on the map. First, find the one shown on the map and put it in the case. Then refresh the map and find the other one.

It’s Important to Keep Find My iPhone Turned On At All Times—Here’s Why

Click Notify When Found to get an email when it comes online. Decide what you want to do with your stolen device.

How to Enable & Use the Find My Friends Widget in Mac OS X

Click the blue 'i' on the right of its location bubble and you're presented with three options. Here we're going to send a warning message to our lost Mac, informing whoever is using it that they are handling stolen goods.

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Selecting the option to play a warning sound at full volume, even if they have the speakers muted, will further draw attention to your message. If that doesn't work, more drastic measures are called for. Start by applying a remote lock, which requires the user of your lost Mac to enter a six-digit code of your choosing.

Use Find My iPhone

Make sure you choose something you could easily remember should you retrieve your device, but which the miscreant won't be able to guess. Your remote Mac will immediately reboot without warning the user that they'll lose their data, and send them to a grey screen showing the warning of your choice. If the user can't enter the correct code, their only other options are to reboot -- eventually returning to the same screen -- or shut down.

Note that, as the Mac will no longer have access to the Internet, you won't be able to plot it on the map again until it's unlocked, so don't take this step lightly.

Use Find My Mac to locate your computer

Alternatively, you can wipe the Mac entirely. If you want to do this, skip the remote-lock stage, as you won't be able to wipe the laptop once it's been locked. Again, you'll need to provide a six-digit code that can be used to unlock the device should you recover it. That other device then uploads its own encrypted location data, along with the hash of your lost device's public key, to Apple's servers to help you identify it later.

But that's where the catch comes in.

How I sold an old Mac and unknowingly had access to its location for over 3 years

To take advantage of Offline Finding, you need to have at least two Apple devices using the same iCloud account with two-factor authentication set up. That's because all of your connected devices use the same private key and set of rotating public keys. When you use Find My on your non-missing device, it uploads the hash of the public key to Apple's servers.

Apple then searches its servers of encrypted locations automatically for a matching identifier. When the cryptographic identifier is found, Apple sends it back to your device where your private key decrypts it.

How do I find my device’s MAC address? | Answer | NETGEAR Support

Apple hasn't stated exactly how often public keys rotate or how it keeps track of their hashes. Since your missing device's hash of the public key has likely changed since the last time location data for it was uploaded, it wouldn't match the current public key identifier for your non-missing Apple device.

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  • Using Find My Mac to Lock or Wipe Your Mac.
  • It’s Important to Keep Find My iPhone Turned On At All Times—Here’s Why.
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  • So it's likely that they store and keep a short history of previous public keys to find matches in those cases. However, if only one of the device's had the Find My service enabled but not another device, it may not have turned on automatically. To make sure it's on, check the following.

    Next, select "iCloud" from the sidebar, then make sure "Find My Mac" is toggled on under the list of apps.