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Max Rudberg has some good ones for Thanks for the info. I can control the CPU usage. If you have a laptop, you can set energy saver to cut the clock speed down to improve battery time. I just thought that since Panther was keeping to the CPU usage up, it may have had something to do with whatever it was Energy Saver used to control things like that. I hope they make a non-Opteron read non-ECC memory dual-processor version. I doubt OS X will really be full 64 bit for years to come, and thats saying a lot since a new version is out once a year.

I think the biggest thing Apple should be touting about the advantages of the G5 over the G4 is the bus speed. It was something like MHz and now its at 1 GHz. Thats big. Real big. Plus some 64 bit apps, not just plugins, is going to change the whole game around. The new Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, coming out this year, are all going to be full 64 bit on the Mac versions.

The Opteron is just as much a desktop as the G5. Ummm, the G5s are in stock. People have them.

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They have been shipping for quite a while now. And we already said the Opteron can be used as a desktop, but using it in 32 bit mode is just a waste of money, as is any 64 bit chip running Windows, until Windows supports 64 bit addressing. There is nothing stopping you from installing an workstation card later on, the only thing that may cause problems is the lack of drivers, but that is a hard vendors problem not Apple.

As for ECC memory, explain to me why one would want it on a workstation? Actually I got Opteron a week before before G5 were available are available since July. No idea from where you got the info that it is not.

I would say that IBM is a little bigger than Apple. Take look at latest IBM eServer You are talking about a server not a workstation. I am sorry tnat you dont have any vendors selling opteron workstations but it does not mean that they dont exist. In Bangladesh they dont have G5 and for long time probably they will not have latest apples because this is very poor country and they have bigger problems. The AMD Opteron processor seamlessly integrates into current bit computing environments, enabling enterprises to deploy high performance bit capable systems that build upon the billions of dollars already invested in bit software.

Current bit processors have a 4 GB memory addressing cap.

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The virtual addressing, however, can be something completely different. This is where people get confused about 64bit processors. If that would be real advantage eseries would built on ppc not opteron. PAE allows Windows to address more than 4 gigs of ram, but not 64 bit addressing. It can run on it, but only in a sort of crippled state.

BTW, an eServer and a personal computer are very different things. Thus requiring a 64 bit capable OS, and that whole post sounded more like a high end server thing than a personal computer thing. The bottom line is that it may be some time before OS X become goes truly bit. Otherwise who would bother with those? That would be almost useless. OS X will.

The 2.5GHz Power Mac G5 Quad Creative Workflow Benchmark

I think you are the one lost in discussion here. To the person who says it does not have Serial ATA drives; well you are wrong. Not that that is such a jaw dropper. It improves by going to and tweaks a few things to become a little more reliable — progress at least. Looking at the performance tests at Bare Feats, I think that the G5 will get faster over the next few months just do to software updates. Cinebench on the Mac holding its own against Athlon 64 and Xenon?!?

Granted the Athlon 64 may have some of the same hurdles, but is not such a new design as the Power 4 architecture. And for what its worth, 64 will sometimes be slower than 32 bits for the same task. But if we are talking about largeInt or doubleprecision floats — there can be a huge gain. What matters is how easy it is for developers to achieve good code.

And rumours from Maxon are incouraging—a score of ! One; OS X That means the speed and support of 32 bit apps with whatever you want at 64 bits. By the time the big apps arrive, we will be ready. Apple PowerBook. PowerBook G4 15" Aluminium. PowerPC G4 A. Steve Paterson. HP Pavilion ZV notebook. Apple Gigabit Ethernet. Win XP pro Apple Quicksilver. Britt Griswold. Quicksilver Mac. Steve Landrum. Pentium M Windows XPPro S. Michael Tompert. Windows XPWindo.

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