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Sarah-Jane allowed me to work out how to do it for myself after receiving basic instruction, and as a result, the knowledge and experience have stayed with me. I have no doubt that Sarah-Jane would be able to respond to a wide range of difficulties with the same enthusiasm, patience and compassion.

Sarah-Jane also took into account the fact that I can only work in short bursts and needed processing time after demonstrations and exercises. The idea of having a stranger coming in to your home to show you how to use the software or even having someone using remote desktop to show you how to use something by taking control of your computer can be scary. Whenever Sarah-Jane arrived, she arrived with a smile and was genuinely interested to hear about my course and other things cropped up over a cup of tea and biscuits before getting started on the software.

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In very broad terms, the sessions with Sarah-Jane have helped me in two ways. Secondly, and perhaps unexpectedly, the sessions helped me to identify additional things that I am already good at and which I have started to do more. For example, Sarah-Jane has a brilliant method of helping students to organise their study materials using the technology. For example, my ability to get started with reading and then continue reading for lengthy periods of time is really not great.

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Usually now I find that I can read for 50 minutes at a time with a short break. My reading speed and reading comprehension have become much more advanced. It takes a few attempts to get everything working as you like it and before you start to understand all of the uses of the software in context, but Sarah-Jane has equipped me with the skills to know how to respond to this. Sarah-Jane has given me loads of resources for using the software, so I can always go back to these if my memory is a bit hazy. I would highly recommend Launchpad for Assistive Technology training.

At Bett, we chatted about the forthcoming release of a new paid app which will include some great new features. You can then download ClaroRead 7 and any of their 80 high-quality text-to-speech voices in 30 languages.

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You also get the opportunity to download an additional copy for a second machine and a ClaroRead for Mac. Whether you want to know how to mindmap an essay or proof-read your work using Text-to-Speech, you can count on Launchpad to explore — and explain — simple strategies to get the best out of your assistive technology.

Many thanks for your support. Category: Uncategorized. Enriched audio capabilities Make your games sound as real as they look with 5. New binary data types Access and manipulate binary data using the ByteArray data type.

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In addition, Director is now fully Unicode compliant. It only took 20 years for it to happen. Though Director has been discontinued by Adobe since February 1, , activation servers for Director To the best of our knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publishers. If you know otherwise, please contact us and we will remove them accordingly.

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