Mac safe mode command line

To diagnose your Mac more precisely, we recommend performing a full scan with some dedicated Mac cleaning app. As described above, CleanMyMac is our favorite you can download this app here for free.

The key combinations

You will not have to hold the Shift key when the computer restarts, simply log in when prompted. To find your boot mode, click on the Apple logo in the menu top left and select This Mac. Choose System Report, then Software, and from there you will be able to see whether you are in normal or safe mode. Your performance speed will change.

Typically macOS will run slower when it is in Safe Mode due to the reduced processes, but if you have noticed some serious lagging this may be improved by the faulty applications being restricted. Running your macOS in Safe Mode is normally used to troubleshoot glitches that you have noticed, such as lag, crashing, or spontaneous closures of applications. You should try to use your Mac as you normally do so that you can see if the issues have disappeared in Safe Mode or are still there.

It should then reboot as normal, hopefully with improved performance. Your Mac may have detected an issue that it thinks needs repairing in Safe Mode. If this happens only once, then great, your Mac did its job and cleaned up the issue before it could cause any more problems. If your Mac is stuck restarting in a Safe Mode loop, try entering another startup configuration, the Recovery Mode, by pressing Command? Tip: Check your keyboard is clean and that there is no debris beneath the keys.

Safe Mode & Single-User Mode: What They Are, How to Use Them

Unfortunately, the responsibility to locate software issues still resides with the user in Safe Mode. A safe boot will check for disk problems, but if it fails to turn anything up you may be resigned to shifting through your applications list to see what might be causing the problem. Luckily, some helpful maintenance utilities can be run while in Safe Mode. CleanMyMac X is one of those so check it out. It clears through your junk before it can impact on your system, but if your macOS is starting to lag it might be time to perform a full clean-out of those unused applications.

Enabling Safe Boot from Terminal of Mac OS X

With an average of 62GB of junk cleaned from an average Mac, it's maybe just the tool you need to put your Mac back on track. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. To reset your Mac back to starting up normally, launch Terminal and enter the following at the command prompt:.

Boot argument options in OS X

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Note the missing forward slash at the beginning. The correct string is the following:.

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Not sure if this is where I should comment on my problem, but here it is. All other updates work on my MBP and this update had no problems on my iMac at work. I start up in Safe Mode and the system tests ok. I do a disk repair and the system comes up okay. I have reinstalled OSx and the system is fine, but without the update. Naturally, I would like to see any comments, especially if they might help me to move forward in reviving the MBP I followed the Single User Mode instructions exactly, and got the indicated. I entered exit, and got the normal log in screen.

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Entered my password, and am at 9minutes of gear wheel rotating, with no movement beyond that. Is there more that I can do, or must I go to a professional shop for more help? It is a Mac Book Pro, and has been a great machine since the days when it was brand new. I am now using a MB Pro, but would love to keep this old veteran operating. Every time that I enter here after shutting down the Mac and booting again, I only see one comment and none mine until I reply. Then I see them all.

Until next day… Why? Using Safari on Mac latest versions. That is odd.

I will do my best to find an answer. Thanks for letting us know! Hi, Max. Our comments are all manually approved. We try to make them live as soon as possible after moderation. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks, Jarrod. But there is something else that is not working properly. See my comment above a minute ago. You should go ahead and try starting up in safe mode or single-user mode with your wireless keyboard. This is the answer to which question of the previos ones? This forum comment system should be enhanced. Just a quality control and positive criticism for your consideration.

Thanks for all.

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  6. Is it required to login in Safe Mode for such repair to take place, or can the Mac be rebooted normally at the Safe Boot login window without login in such Safe Mode? Any other marker for when to press the shift key with a bluetooth keyboard to boot into safe mode?

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