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When we first started testing I just had a local drive connected to the Mac Pro mainly because when you're beta testing, you expect instability in a system.

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That's why we test, to help the manufacturer not only figure out cool new features, but what causes a system to get unstable. So I kept the testing system off the SAN during early testing. This past week we brought the SAN into play and initially we thought it didn't work.

As I'm new again to Avid, there was a miscommunication between what the engineers were asking me to do and what we thought they wanted us to do. Once we got our communication solved, we got the SAN active as a media drive.

There's a command you have to enter that will trip folks coming from Final Cut Pro so I'll tell you what we had to do in case you find yourself not able to connect to the media drives you want to use. Here you can see that while my 4 SAN partitions are sitting on the desktop of the Mac, they are not available in the Media Creation Tool. It doesn't acknowledge that the drives are there. Walter Biscardi, Jr.

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Blog Twitter Facebook. I purchased MC 6. I was working on a Saturday for a Sunday session and it was impossible to get in touch with a human on their "no action" lines. What Avid seems to not remember is: the main reason the decision makers at large post houses switched to Apple was that they were tired of Avid's extortion modus operandi. They're speaking Chinese" - Firesign Theatre.

I have read about others who did have issues though, but fortunately for us it wasn't a problem. This was a Saturday afternoon. Everything ground to a beaurocratic halt when I attempted to install at my workstation. Being on hold with Avid's phone "support" reminded me of their early days [the pizza box years]. Only worse. I have always preferred the mc interface but, it appears that you only get, even basic, service for a price. This is where the VPs at the big houses are going to get courted by Adobe. Believe me. I want Avid to succeed, but, this is the area that needs the most attention or someone else will service their costomers for them Considering the upgrade from 5.

Thanks all, Jeremy Bonesaw. MC6 is available for a 30 day free trial download, fully functional, so my advice is to simply download it and try it out. This article pretty much sealed it for me. I am calling the Avid rep on Monday so next semester we can make the switch. Bought the crossgrade last week and I can't wait to dig in to 6. Sure a lot of people say they are going with Premiere but I think a reasonably priced, 64 bit, open version of Avid will prevail and recover a big chunk of market share.

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That's the million dollar question, how much of a share will Avid get? Up until now, one of my friends in LA said the people who are switching to Avid are actually "going back" to Avid. Nor do I know anyone who is brand new to Avid going that way at the moment. Most folks, including me, have been testing moving towards Premiere because it's a natural move from one to the other and most of us already have it on our systems. I will say none of us expected the product to be this open when it came out.

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I figured storage was still going to be a nightmare, but that has proved to be wrong. So we're all very impressed with Avid in our shop, now we just need to hope that the company can survive as essentially software only. We know Adobe can because they've built up such a suite of products that makes them overall a stronger company. That's the last piece of the puzzle with MC6. Can the company survive financially the new business model?

We'll know in the next 12 months. I do freelance color correction for lower-budget projects and have felt trapped in FCP-land for a few years now. I was very excited to hear that Avid was finally allowing Symphony to work with other hardware, and that the software price will actually be affordable for me. Reading about your positive experiences with MC only firms up my hopes to return to Avid soon. But having our storage work so well now is also a great addition to the mix. Two excellent choices for the editor who wants to move away from FCP.

It was just OEM equipment.

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That is, the AJA name appears nowhere on the cards. AJA makes a LOT of hardware for the industry that is not labeled, that's why the company is as big as it is today. Not just from FCP user, but from the entire production industry where their hardware is a part of many many products. Yes, it is correct that the drivers for Media Composer is completely different and written from scratch but AJA hardware has been driving Symphony for some time now.

I always hated capture or layoff in fcp It's just horrible where in avid I would insert fixes onto a master tape all day long without worry and on fcp with a kona card I would always need to relay entire segments because I couldn't trust it to insert into anything other than black. So i just hope they got it right with the kona cards. And if fcp really disappears than all our fcp rooms will turn into avoids with kona hardware.

What card are you using? I've talked about this in the past in the AJA Kona forum. So, it is still possible to go to previous and next edit points without entering the trim mode. Just needs a onetime [per user] keyboard remapping. You just saved my life! Thanks a lot!

How does the new Avid play with photoshop and AE for example? Character Generator? Simple fx and DVe moves? Audio treatment? I've ignored Avid for so long I'm out of touch frankly with how people use it in a situation where you have to bring all the parts into play for sweetening sound, grading, adding compositing, etc.

From what we understand, it talks very nicely to the Adobe Suite, but we're still testing out the basic editing with our SAN. Basic title tool is very basic, but they do have the Marquee which is a very nice title tool. I'll definitely follow up with a much more comprehensive article about how things compare, although Shane Ross did do a very nice job already in his article. As I just said in my previous response, Avid ain't FCP so we're going to have to relearn some ways of doing things, but the basic operation is the same.

I've been out of touch with Avid since so it's been a while. As for now I can try MC 5. I am constantly forced to use mouse for navigating the timeline. I'm not some shortcut geek, but not having the ability jump through the cuts without entering trim mode is very annoing. Or maybe i didn't find the way to do it? What is the situation with modifier keys in MC 6? Are ctrl and alt keys open for custom shortcuts?

If it does - can you put several shortcuts on one key with different modifiers? If you've been using FCP like I have for 10 years you're going to love and hate things in both applications. So Premiere is almost Final Cut Pro 8 because it behaves so similarly in a lot of ways, yet it's much more clunky in some ways. Avid is what Avid has always been. It was not designed for FCP editors, it was designed to improve on their already proven architecture.